Are you feisty enough for
Fire and Ice Seviche?
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Seviche cuisine is an eclectic blend of
traditional Latin American recipes and
modern ingredients infused with
international influences.
The origins of seviche
The kitchen’s main attraction is the seviche
bar which features 6 fresh sushi-quality
seafood selections that may be ordered in 5
different preparations.

We are very happy to share our expertise for
the most superlative pairings.

In addition to the seviche, the menu is a work
of art filled with a canvas of light, fresh and
pretty tapas, nuevo latino sushi, and mid
plates that deliver the best in Latin flavor.
Although it has been a hotly contested
subject in Latin America, most food
historians agree that the dish
originated in Peru some 5000 years

The early “Chimus” civilization seems
to have been the first to marinate
fresh seafood in the juice of a citrus
fruit called “tumbo” and consume it a
few minutes after its preparation.

There are several variations of modern
Seviche (also spelled Ceviche or Cebiche)
depending on which Latin American country
you visit. But they are all commonly prepared
with lime which acts as a preserving agent
and other key ingredients such as chili and

Here at Seviche we feature seven different
preparations each with its own unique
ingredients. Ultimately, the most important
facet of Seviche preparation is the freshness
of the seafood.

We take great pride in working with the
highest quality purveyors from both coasts to
ensure that our seafood is the freshest in