"The word is out on this cool, elegant
tapas restaurant helping to warm up
the Cultural District."

"The new raw in town."

"Ultra-modern Seviche does light, lively
Latin cuisine"
SEVICHE   |    930 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222    |    (412) 697 - 3120    |    info@seviche.com
Seviche is a Nuevo Latino bistro where you
can feast on fresh, healthy tapas while sipping
on island cocktails. Authentic Latin American
recipes are fused with modern ingredients
and international influences to provide a
refreshing explosion of flavor. The menu
consists primarily of small plates with big
tastes, all delivered in an artistic presentation
almost too dazzling to eat.

The open seviche bar takes center stage as a
truly unique dining experience at Seviche. This
is where diners can cozy up to a high-top chair
and become captivated as the chefs expertly
and artfully prepare seviche. With over 15
seafood selections that can be ordered in 7
different preparations, there is never a dull

Seviches’s cocktail menu offers an extensive
selection from South American classics to
exotic island favorites. Our house drinks,
Caipirnha and Pisco Sour, are true essence of
the culture. The drinks extend into magnificent
mojitos, margaritas and martinis. An extensive
wine and beer list features many selections
from South America.

While the food and drink are the focal point, we
want your visit to Seviche to be the best Latin
American experience possible. Enjoy your stay
underneath the neon lights and vibrant, Cuban
art. The ceiling-to-floor windows allow the
bright South Beach colors and hip crowd to
catch the attention of the passersby. There are
plenty of seats in the house, whether you
choose to savor your seviche at our high-top
tables or to linger awhile in our lively bar area.